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Lending Library

Ridgefield School now has a lending library. Mrs Pietersen is the librarian, which means that she is in charge.


Pupils and staff can borrow books from the library provided they follow some simple rules. If you have forgotten the rules, or are new to the school, please ask for help.


You borrow books by checking them out using the computers and the machine that goes ‘peep’, in the library. You can also access the school’s library system using the internet when you cannot get to the library. To access the school’s library system, you can click on the picture of books below.

When you are on the system online you can:


  • search for books
  • reserve books
  • write reviews of books


To write reviews and reserve books you will need to log on using your personal library number. You can search for books without logging on.


  • There are no events for the next 10 weeks.
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