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How Do We Prepare Children For Their Next Steps?

Transition is a part of life for all learners whether that involves moving to a new class or a new school. We recognise that transition is an important time for all children but especially for children with SEND. Consequently, we work closely with parents or carers, children and staff to ensure these transitions run as smoothly as possible. We will create opportunities for children to meet their new teacher and work in their new class before they move on. Teachers and the SENCO will meet to ensure a smooth handover and to pass on all the relevant information about your child. We create a ‘pupil passport’ for children who will find transition challenging. This passport will contain all the details on how your child likes to learn and the best way to help them.


Arrangements for transition to Secondary School will begin in Year 5 for pupils with SEND to ensure sufficient time for planning and preparation. Children transferring to Secondary School will be able to visit with members of staff from Ridgefield if necessary, to help them make a positive transition. Staff and the SENCO will meet with Secondary staff and with your permission will pass on all relevant information to their new school.

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