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Mrs Morten’s Musical Mind-Mission


Otherwise known as Whole School Homework! ‘Hooray!’ I hear you all cry…


Now, you might remember going to the cinema, with the rest of the school, to watch the ‘10 Pieces‘ Film before Christmas?


You might even remember talking with your teacher about how you are going to respond to the piece of music your class chose to work with?


Well, to get you warmed up…over the half-term holidays, Mrs Morten would like you to :


  • Listen out for (or remember) any classical music you can hear in adverts, TV programmes, radio or films, old or new.
  • Come to school on Monday 23rd Feb (after the holidays) with a list of what you have found.


Don’t worry – you don’t need to know what the music is, or who wrote it, or who conducted it, or who played it. Just make a note of where you can hear it.


Good luck!

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