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Classes 3N and 5T

In their English lessons, 3N have been reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson and really enjoyed the story of the good and bad pirates fighting over buried treasure. At the same time, 5T have been working on pirate moves such as ‘light the cannon’, ‘pull the rigging’ and ‘man overboard’ in their PE lessons.


The two classes decided to work together using what they had learned to create a pirate dance. They decided Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony would fit in very well with the pirate theme. In the performance, two groups of pirates spot each other on a desert island. They stand off against each other because they want the treasure. The captains circle the treasure and the two pirate gangs creep up to look at the treasure chest. They have a fight. At night, when the 5T pirates are asleep, the 3N pirates steal the chest and sail away with it; 5T wake up and are furious!

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