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In class 4ER, Ms Etienne (Tues – Fri) and Ms Rimmer (Mon) are our teachers. Mrs Atkinson is our teaching assistant and is with us all week.




Here is information about just some of the learning that takes place in Year 4.


Lovely Literacy


In literacy this year we discover many different types of stories. We read stories from a variety of cultures, discuss stories which raise issues and also try writing stories set in imaginary worlds. We spend time learning about non-fiction texts as well, having a go at becoming a playwright, typing our own newspaper reports and explore texts that persuade and instruct. There are also some fun poetry weeks mixed in among all of this!


Marvellous Maths


Maths is a chance for us to really consolidate our learning from last year and explore new ideas in a creative way. We make sure we are really good at our times tables and learn these with a song or dance routine! Knowing different ways to add, subtract, multiply and divide gives us the confidence to try out lots of different types of sums and problems. We explore 2D and 3D shapes as well as carrying out investigations and recording our results in a variety of ways.


Spectacular Science


Through investigations, games, information texts and exploring we get creative in Year Four discovering all about the world around us. ‘


Tantalising Topics


Other popular Year Four topics include learning all about life during and after World War Two. We spend a long time getting creative in our learning to discover about many different aspects of life at this time. We are even lucky enough to go on an amazing trip to Stibbington, where we dress up as evacuees and are evacuated for the day to find out what life was like for children our age during WWII.


In P.E. we swim in the Autumn Term and learn how to balance, co-ordinate our bodies, develop our sports skills and play in teams for our other sessions.


In I.C.T we are lucky enough to have a lap-top trolley in our classroom so often use these to create graphs, typed pieces of work and power points to enhance our learning.


Music – drumming, recorders, composing rhythms and music on manuscript paper


D.T. – healthy food preparation, money containers and a link to our electricity topic


Art – sewing, 3D modelling with mod-roc and landscapes


R.E.- We have a day exploring each of the major religions during the year.




Our P.E. days are Monday and Tuesday. Children need to have shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit and trainers in school on these days. In the Autumn Term we go swimming on a Monday so need swimming kit in school.




All children can take reading books home to read and share with their families every night.

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