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Class 3T

Class 3T is taught by Miss Terry, assisted by Mrs Kidman, Ms Raval and Miss Dewey.


In year 3, we aim to make learning as thought-provoking and enjoyable as we can!


If you have any questions, please feel free to come and see a member of the year 3 team before or after school.


Class Mottos


Our motto is “Learn together, be happy and look after each other”.




Children need to have shorts, t-shirt, tracksuit, socks and trainers in school for P.E. When we go swimming children will need to bring a swimming kit into school, we will give you plenty of warning for this!


Homework is given on a Wednesday and due in on Monday.


Children need to bring in their own snack in Key Stage 2. It can be a piece of fruit or vegetable.




All children will take reading books home to read and share with their families. All children need to do is write in their reading logs which book they are reading.




It is really important that children are in school every day. Days missed mean children miss out on key skills and knowledge which will affect their progress. It can also be hard to pick up in the middle of a topic as children will have missed crucial lessons.




Here is information about just some of the learning that takes place in Year 3.


Lovely Literacy


In literacy this year we discover many different types of stories, learn about non-fiction texts and have some fun poetry mixed in among all of this! Most of our literacy work will be done through our topics to help develop our understanding even further.


Marvellous Maths


Maths is a chance for us to really be confident about our ability, consolidate our learning from last year and explore new ideas in a creative way. We make sure we are really good at our times tables and learn these with a song or dance routine! Knowing different ways to add, subtract, multiply and divide gives us the confidence to try out lots of different types of sums and problems. We explore 2D and 3D shapes as well as carrying out investigations and recording our results in a variety of ways.


Tantalising Topics


We will plan our topics throughout the year based on the children’s interests and prior knowledge. These will cover science, history, geography, R.E. and PSHE in depth. We will use the computers to learn new skills and develop skills leant in Year 2.


In P.E. we learn how swim. We also learn how to balance, co-ordinate our bodies, develop our sports skills and play in teams.


In I.C.T we will use lap-tops to create graphs, typed pieces of work, the internet and power points to enhance our learning.


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